Friday, 4 July 2008

Fourth of July

" 'Cos I heard it in the wind and I saw it in the sky,
And I thought it was the end, I thought it was the fourth of July "

Chris Cornell

I saw a firework, dead, burnt, on the street. I reflected on how sad its resting place, how briefly it had burned and now how ignominious its fall.
At one time it had potential. Potential to explode and cause delight. Always while it had potential it was a special thing. A device of magic, waiting to bring wonder. In its short life of usefulness it was above us all. It could fly, it could shower us with metallic petals of light. Great golden arcs that would shard in the sky.
And then, dropping black and crippled onto an unlit street corner it could now only move if kicked or gusted by a force of nature.
Still, at least it had fulfilled its potential.


Sucharita Sarkar said...

i'd have thought that a burnt-out firework died a happy death. It's only the damp squib ones, whose potential is never fulfilled, that remain in the sky (which they never lit up) like unhappy trailing wisps or ghosts.

Bryan said...

Soundgarden 8)

And there's nothing like power to amuse a mob.

I watched fireworks in such a state of mind that it was not delightful. But then, I get misanthropic when I'm drunk, hungry and dehydrated. Interesting how that renders the pretty lights ineffective; you've got to have basic needs met before you can enjoy the sparkling lights.

I'd say the same goes for art and culture, but there are plenty of starving artists out there.

Maybe that's why there are only a select few days that have many fireworks...or maybe it's the expense, pollution and noise that's behind that =)

And good little piece; it could apply to almost anything used by humans, but there's not as much glamour in being a cigarette butt or a disposable spoon.

Bryan said...

Alas, the plight of
the polystyrene spoon.
Its purpose done,
it is carelessly discarded
all too soon.
How it sits!
Hundreds of years to degrade,
Lo, the time passes slowly for the non-biodegradable
kitchenware utensil:
labeled disposable,
and not very dependable.

Paul Bernard said...

Excellent, loving the spoon poem. I wonder did you make that up on the spot or had it in your archives?

Those fireworks are certainly interesting little things. But as my old mate Neil Yound once said, "it's better to burn out, than to fade away."

Jaquanda Rae said...

Fireworks...interestingly enough, I spent my first American 4th of July fireworks for me.

Thanks for the comments on Jukebox. The version is the only one I've heard - Nina Simone's.

Bryan said...

The poem was off the cuff, I had a quick inspiration to lament something.

Someone at work actually just had that same quote up last week. I was trying to think of exceptions, but the closest I could come was something that burnt out THEN faded away anyhow.

Like most child actors.

Too bad I didn't think to connect that poem with the Spoonman. I blame a weary mind and a move!

Omar Abid said...

what a nice quote! I like it so much :)

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