Tuesday, 15 July 2008

The Daily Postcard

Hi guys,

Well, I returned from my week away from blogging refreshed and considering my next move.

It's been six months since I started The Daily Tale and I thought it might be a good idea to freshen the format up, try something a little different. So I have created a new blog called The Daily Postcard where I will do my daily blogging from now on.

The Daily Tale was an unexpected success and I'd like to thank everyone for taking the time to support me by reading the stories and leaving such great comments.

However, I think the format had gone as far as it could and I was chomping at the bit to try something a little different. I'm quite into photography and wanted to devote some time to that, along with writing. So that's kind of what the concept of The Daily Postcard is - a photo and a short tale to accompany the image.

I hope it will become something the browser can either just dip in and out of when they feel like, or alternatively let their imagination become swept up in the twin assault of the image and the words.

My reasoning for starting it on another blog site was so that I could leave The Daily Tale blog here as an archive for anyone who wanted to flick back and read their favourite stories again. When I've finished my Postcard project I will seek to do the same with that too.

So that's all, I think. I hope you'll join me in The Daily Postcard. See you on the other side...

Please follow the link to The Daily Postcard: